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“Our concepts of thermodynamic and chemical conditions within our planet enable us to observe the environments suitable for hydrogen bodies existence. Within these environments chemical reactions slow down, oxygen concentrations quickly decreases, iron-type metals start to prevail and, most likely, the amount of hydrogen increases as well. At the same time, temperature and pressure go up. All of the above should lead to preservation of hydrogen-based compounds at such depths, including hydrogen solutions in metals”

(Acad. V. I. Vernadsky, Selected Works, Vol. 4, Book 2, pp. 13-14, 1960).

For the first time in history of science, the Earth original chemical composition has been determined and the planet structure and evolution scenario have been modeled based on the recently established regularities.
Determination of commercially viable source of hydrogen is one of the practical consequences of this event.
This in turn allows providing the technical and resource basis for Hydrogen Energy industry.
Therefore, there is a unique opportunity to implement the transition of the world economy towards environmentally friendly fuel: Hydrogen.
Besides, the regularities determined allow expecting presence of pure metals at depths accessible with modern production technologies.

Hydridic Earth theory was published many times in articles and books. The newest book in Russian "Our Earth - Наша Земля" was printed in 2005; in English: "Hydridic Earth: the New Geology of Our Primordially Hydrogen-rich Planet" from 1993.

 Book    Hydridic Earth by Vladimir N. Larin, C. Warren Hunt,



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