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Гидридная Земля - ответ геолога Ларина

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Written by Ларин В.Н..

(на публикацию от 24.06.2011 antihydrogen.livejournal.com Гидридная Земля геолога Ларина)


Larin V.N.

Глубокоуважаемый Анонимный Оппонент! Вы уж извините, далее я буду употреблять сокращение АнОпп, но не для того чтобы Вас обидеть. Мне просто трудно  произносить  словосочетание «Анонимный Оппонент», поскольку в этом обращении проглядывает что-то уничижительное для адресата. Итак, дорогой АнОпп, Ваши тексты против Ларина и его концепции  обычно начинаются с заявления...

The book Hydridic Earth from Polar Publishing

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Written by Ларин Николай.

Hydridic Earth: the New Geology of Our Primordially Hydrogen-rich PlanetHydridic Earth: the New Geology of Our Primordially Hydrogen-rich Planet
by Vladimir N. Larin, C. Warren Hunt, editor on translation

1993, Available in paper format from Polar publishing, ISBN 0-9694506-2-1

Link to download.

In the late sixties the author discovered that hydrogen under pressure mobilizes otherwise rigid crystalline, rock-forming elements. This book explores the profound geological consequences of the phenomenon, essentially creating entirely new geological theory. Any serious student of the earth must take into account Vladimir Larin's challenges to orthodoxy.

During the writing of Expanding Geospheres, E.A. Skobelin brought it to the editor's attention that the Russian geologist, V.N. Larin had published a theory of hydrogen degassing in Russian over ten years earlier. On being contacted, Dr. Larin explained that he had worked on the concept from the time he first recognized it in 1968, and that his experiments in high-pressure petrology, geosynclinal folding, and other aspects of hydrogen systematics were ongoing and had provided him with many proofs. Text translation of a new and much expanded text was commissioned by Polar Publishing in Moscow, after which the author and editor collaborated to develop this book, which was first printed in December, 1993.

Link to download this book in different formats from the site Archive.org 

The book «Our Earth» by V.N. Larin

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The book "Наша Земля" (Our Earth) by Vladimir Larin

The book sets forth the fundamentals of the Hydridic Earth theory in a simple form.


Book "Our Earth"

Download the book "Our Earth" (in Russian, 4,5 MB, pdf).

“Larin V.N., Our Earth: Origin, Composition, Structure, and Evolution of Primordial Hydridic Earth. Agar, Moscow. rus., 2005, - 248 pages, illustrations.”

Concept Basics

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Written by Ларин В.Н..

Dr. Larin’s Scientific Concept

Since ever, the human race had been curious about its planet composition and structure. The earliest signs of this process come back as far as to the Stone Age.

In 1930s Acad. Vladimir I. Vernadsky was the first scientist to suggest that Hydrogen had played a fundamental role in chemical processes taking place within our planet internals – and the entire Solar System as well.

In 1950s astronomer Fred Hoyle suggested that at the time of the Solar System formation, the matter was in the form of plasma. It formed a rotating disk having its own magnetic field.

In 1968 for the first time in history of science, the Soviet scientist Vladimir N. Larin determined the patterns of chemical elements’ distribution in the Solar System.


Last Updated: Monday, 22 February 2016 11:51

Written by Ларин В.Н..


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