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We came back from our IFPEN-cooperated expedition to Oman

Last Updated: Thursday, 05 March 2015 15:44

Written by Ларин Николай.


In February 2012 we and IFPEN conducted the second joint scientific expedition aimed to explore the degassing of natural hydrogen. This time the work was carried out in Oman, which has been known for its seepages of natural hydrogen. The expedition was to verify the presence of hydrogen degassing outside the serpentinites (which in traditional geology are considered to be almost the only source of natural hydrogen), as well as the presence of geological structures described in Hydridic Earth theory.


The results were very positive and have shown a deeper origin for hydrogen than previously thought. Among the possible interpretations, results are consistent with Hydridic Earth theory. They will be published soon in a scientific geological journal.


In the areas where rivers intersect hydrogen seepage zones, the degassing can be clearly seen in the form of hydrogen bubbles, with hydrogen concentration up to 82%. The river near the village of Al Haylayn.


Oman peridotites


Our camp in Jebel Akdar on the carbonate falls and mountains of peridotites in background.