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Shale gas in the context of hydrogen degassing of the Earth

Last Updated: Friday, 06 March 2015 11:28

Written by В.Ларин, Н.Ларин.

Vladimir Larin, Nikolay Larin

We detected abnormally high hydrogen concentration in the subsoil air in European Russia. Studies have shown that this phenomenon is caused by the release of hydrogen streams from the bowels of the planet.
Typical "ring-shaped structures of subsidence" with diameters ranging from 100 m to several kilometers are formed near the outlets of hydrogen streams.
Previously our work was held on the Russian platform. However, according to the satellite photos similar structures can be found on all continents. They are especially widespread on the U.S. east coast (the so-called "Carolina Bays"). Americans had discovered these structures in the 1930-ies. They have been studying them carefully for decades, but the real cause of the formation of these structures remained unknown. In our opinion the cause is the same – hydrogen stream degassing from the bowels of the planet.

Hydrogen degassing on Russian platform: Pluses and Minuses

Last Updated: Friday, 06 March 2015 11:26

Written by В.Н. Ларин, Н.В. Ларин.

Vladimir Larin, Nikolay Larin

Everything written in first article is based on work that was performed in 2005 and 2006. In the following years we continued our research and we can report to you, dear reader, that hydrogen degasification has not stopped, instead it has a clear tendency to grow. It expands onto new territories, and clearly becomes more intensive. Two years ago we were quite satisfied using instruments that were capable of measuring concentrations of up to 1000 ppm (up to 0.1%). Nowadays, in the spring of 2008, we rarely turn those on, because we encounter concentrations of 1% and higher. Our most “insensitive” instrument has a scale of up to 1.6% (up to 16,000 ppm); but this year even this device has been “drowning” in hydrogen in places. Those places include even our control points, where no such off the scale concentrations were previously seen.

Hydrogen seeps have been discovered in the central area of the Russian Platform

Last Updated: Friday, 06 March 2015 08:18

Written by В. Ларин, Н. Ларин.

Vladimir Larin, Nikolay Larin

Mysterious craters

Over the last 15 years the formation of numerous craters has been discovered in the central area of European Russia. Among them two types were singled out: blast type and collapse type.
Some interesting processes occur simultaneously with the emergence of the blast craters. On April 12, 1991, 400 meters away from Sasovo (a town in south-east of Ryazan region) there was an explosion; its blast wave broke windows and doors of half of the town’s buildings. According to experts such an effect could be caused by explosion of at least several tens of tons of TNT. However, there was no trace of explosives. The diameter of crater №1 was 28 meters, the depth - 4 meters.
In June 1992 7 km northward of Sasovo another blast crater (№ 2) (diameter - 15 m, depth - 4 m) was found in the corn field, though nobody heard the explosion (when the seeds of corn were planted there was no crater yet). The blast character of the crater was determined due to the ring shaped ejection encircling it. In addition, according to eyewitnesses who saw the crater recently after its occurrence, there were huge clods of earth around.