V.L. Syvorotkin’s book "Deep Degassing of the Earth and Global Disasters"

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Written by Ларин Николай.

Download the book “Deep Degassing of the Earth and Global Disasters” (pdf, 25 Mb, in Russian) by V. L. Syvorotkin, 2002, 250 pages


Download the book in djvu format (in Russian)


Summary The Earth periodically enters into a disastrous stage of development, when the number and intensity of various natural disasters increases. Those are: volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, avalanches and landslides, droughts, forest fires, air and sea disasters, epidemics, etc. In this book it is suggested that the cause of these phenomena is intensification of planetary degassing. When released during the crystallization of the inner core of the planet the fluid components are accumulated at the top of the liquid core. The change of positional relationship of celestial bodies in the solar system modulates the process of deep degassing of the Earth through gravitational influence. Streams of reduced gases, mainly hydrogen, when oxidized in the upper mantle emit heat and water, which leads to melting of the mantle substratum and global increase of volcanism. Oxidation of fluids at great depths can be explosive, thus producing an earthquake. Passing through the water mass of marine and ocean basins, the reduced gases destroy oxygen and cause a massive loss of aerobic biota. When rising to the stratosphere the reduced gases cause ozone layer destruction. Ozone holes let through additional solar energy in ultraviolet and infrared ranges. Ultraviolet affects biological objects causing mutations and reducing immunity, thus provoking massive epidemic. Thermal radiation heats the surface air and water (El Niño), generating a wide range of weather and climate anomalies.